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Portable Caricature Software Photo To Cartoon V6.0.0.0 Latest




ai, or just stick them on photo albums. History[a](#FPar1){ref-type="sec"} {#Sec1} =================================== Portable Photo to Cartoon was born in 2013, while I was working at [Zoom]( as one of their first *Senior Software Engineers*. A new feature I implemented was auto-animate, which turns a photo into an animated cartoon. In just one click, the face would start moving and giving a cute surprise. I remember the amount of requests I received from our customers who liked the effect so much that they used it in their personal emails to their friends. And they were all the happy users I've ever known. The rest of the story is about "spreading the secret" and connecting with new people who wanted to contribute to this open-source project. In my spare time I started with the technical side: improving the software, making it easier to work with, and fixing reported bugs. In 2015, I brought Portable Photo to Cartoon to []( but the project wasn't yet open source. I started working with a designer to make the image more appealing. I was afraid people wouldn't get it right away, but at the end of the day, I was wrong. Our work made Portable Photo to Cartoon the most requested feature in the newsletter! I was surprised because I wasn't expecting so much attention at all, so I decided to keep working with it. Soon after, []( a marketing agency that does animation for brands like [Twitter]( and [Bloomberg]( approached me with the same idea and the same request: bring Portable Photo to Cartoon to [Twitter]( At first, I was reluctant to let someone else work with my project, but they insisted. Soon, the company started making animations for companies around the world. Currently, Portable Photo to Cartoon is available in a handful of the most popular apps, both for web and mobile. How it works {#Sec2} ============ Portable Photo to Cartoon is very simple to use. Just pick a photo, choose an emotion, and click .ai. The result will be a cartoon: not a fake or a vector, but




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Portable Caricature Software Photo To Cartoon V6.0.0.0 Latest

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