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Exhibit Update - Working Women

Local Women’s Projects from the 1930-1960s are brought to light in the current exhibit of Armstrong County Home Demonstration Clubs . Until June 5th, ACM features “Rural Texas Women at Work” and the keepsakes of its local residents. In 1948, there were seven clubs in District 1, Armstrong County. These clubs were located throughout the county and named: Fairview, Goodnight, Llano, Malden Harmony, North Armstrong, Washburn Worth Club, and the Wayside Club.

During this time period, electricity became a reality for most rural families. For a look at the relics of early electricity in the county, visit the collection of early appliances available in the museum’s permanent collection. Women’s work became more efficient with electrified appliances and electric lighting. Limited numbers of these early home appliances remain in existence today. Electric mixers, sewing machines, radios, and floor fans are among artifacts that have been donated since the establishment of ACM in 1990.

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