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General Overview Description of Duties


This position is a customer contact and office administration position. You will interact with museum patrons, members of the Board of Directors and the traveling public in person, over the phone and through text, email, and social media. You will be working with a diverse group of people with various interests and experiences in history and the museum’s programs. You will be responsible for completing administrative tasks to promote museum events and programs.  You will be responsible for initiating and completing administrative tasks in support of the museum’s mission including the use of word processing and spreadsheet software. You must be able to quickly learn the museum exhibits to assist patrons and board members with finding information. You must be a self-starter and be able to work independently. This position reports to the Chairman of the Board or their designate.


General duties include:


  1. Greet patrons and groups who come to the museum.

  2. Answer telephone inquiries in a friendly, professional manner.

  3. Assist Museum Staff, Directors, and Board committees with administrative and research duties.

  4. Complete general correspondence, process the mail and make bank deposits.

  5. Assist with the Accession process (tracking and logging) items acquired by the museum.

  6. Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  1. Must have excellent social and customer interaction skills

    1. Must have a professional appearance and deportment

    2. Must be polite, friendly, patient, and discreet

    3. Must have good oral and written communication skills

    4. Need to be able to speak in front of small groups

    5. Need to be able to think on your feet

    6. Must be flexible in dealing with changing priorities

    7. Must be able to work independently

  2. Administrative Skills

    1. Must have sound computer experience with software programs such as:

      1. Word, Excel, PowerPoint or similar programs.

      2. Mail Merge or similar document management software.

      3. Use of brochure and flier software (Canva, etc.) is helpful.

      4. Use of various museum software (Past Perfect) is helpful.

    2. Organize and file documents.

    3. Initiate and complete correspondence to donors and contributors.

    4. Track memberships in a spreadsheet, complete membership documentation, and send membership letters.

    5. Assist board members and board committees with projects.

      1. Take phone calls and messages

      2. Complete event reservations

      3. Schedule vendors

      4. Schedule appointments

      5. Order event materials

      6. Order office supplies for general museum purposes

    6. Schedule museum volunteers

  3. Bookkeeping or accounting experience is very beneficial.

    1. Use of Quickbooks or similar accounting software

    2. Input and print checks and record deposits in the accounting software

  4. Managing and monitoring a social media presence is very beneficial.

    1. Facebook

    2. Twitter

    3. Instagram

  5. Assist in developing and designing new museum exhibits.

  6. Ability and interest to learn new skills and meet new challenges

To apply, please send your resume and a letter of interest to David Magar, Chairman, Armstrong County Museum, P.O. Box 450, Claude, TX 79019.  

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